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In a nutshell

What is M-Ploy?

M-Ploy has actually been around for a long time. It was developed by a recruitment company over the past 30 years but was kept as an in-house system. More recently, a decision was made to move M-Ploy to the cloud and make it available to other companies.
M-Ploy is aimed at startups and small companies because we can provide the back-end services to you on demand - allowing you to concentrate on recruiting. For example, you can simply start a Temporary Worker assignment and our team will administer the payroll on your behalf.

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Some M-Ploy Features

Automatic C.V. Parsing
C.V. parsing is a powerful tool that automatically extracts and makes sense of the data in a C.V. This means you don't have to enter candidate information into the database - the system does that for you.
Automatic Matching
Automatic matching means that candidates will be automatically shortlisted for jobs - you just have to review and decide which button to press. You can also match "similar jobs" and "similar candidates".
Payroll is built in
You start the assignment, we do the payroll calculations and tell you what to pay your Temps. No need to hire a payroll executive.
Job Board integration
We are working hard to integrate M-Ploy into all your favourite jobboards. You can also integrate M-Ploy with your own site. An job feed is automatically created for you when you register - you decide what appears in the feed.
Holiday Management
Holiday entitlement is calculated automatically for your temps - even with multiple assignments and pay partiy complications.
Knowledge Base
The built-in Knowledge Base in M-Ploy allows you to build up a complete, real-time, self-regulated training manual for the operation of your recruitment business. Everyone is a contriubutor...
Compliance module
M-Ploy takes the pain out of compliance by building into one system and asking candidates to update their own compliance information. GDPR rights such as "right to be forgotten" are automated."
C.V building and Formatting
Automatic CV building from data with your own branding. If you don't have time to add the fine touches yourself, we can do it for you.
M-Ploy comes with built in Email and SMS and allows you to set up standard responses to make sure that your candidates always feel communicated with - even when you don't have the time.

Peace of mind

Fast & Reliable

M-Ploy is hosted on a scaleable cluster of servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS). If something happens to a server, you won't notice: M-Ploy just keeps running.

Safe & Secure

As well as utilising AWS security and SSL, M-Ploy utilises multi-factor authentication with location fencing to make sure that you data is kept safe.

Customer Driven

We have an agressive update cycle - with daily updates. We have a busy roadmap of features to roll out but we want to hear from you. M-Ploy is customer driven - you tell us what you need.

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